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Van-Therm® is a highly efficient heat conducting interface material with wide application uses for electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical assemblies. Miniaturization and higher speed electronics demand efficient thermal management for reliable operation and long-term aging properties of all types of components. Space restrictions compound such considerations, and of course, cost containment is always a requirement.

Van-Therm®’s efficient thermal conductivity and conformability accommodate most component surfaces and substrates.
  • Conforms to irregular surface depressions and protrusions for maximum surface contact, and therefore efficient thermal transfer.
  • Material consistency permits high levels of heat extraction from heat generating components to heat sinks, thermal bridges and chassis members.
  • Ideal durometer allows greater controllable compression squeeze enabling highest heat conduction per minimum cross sectional area of thickness.
  • Available in strips, sheets and die-cuts for universal applications and specific standard or custom dimensions.
  • Custom extruded profiles and shapes available.
Unit of Measure


N/A 0.062 in1.57 mm


N/A 0.250 in6.35 mm


N/A White

Thermal Conductivity

N/A 1.0 W/mK

Dielectric Constant

N/A 4.5

Continuous Use Temp.

N/A -100 to 400 ºF

Thermal Impedance @.187 thickness

N/A 2.5 ºC-in²/W

Volume Resistivity

N/A 1.0 x 1014 Ωcm


N/A 30


N/A 500 psi


N/A 250

Min. Thickness

N/A 0.020 in0.51 mm

Max. Thickness

N/A 1.00 in25.4 mm

Min. Width

N/A 0.060 in1.52 mm

Max. Width

N/A 3.00 in76.2 mm

Min. Length

N/A 0.060 in1.52 mm

Max. Length

N/A 3.00 in76.2 mm